Water Makers
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Marine Watermakers

We have reverse osmosis desalinators that can be installed on boats ranging in size from 25 feet to mega yachts, cruise ships, and even some land-based resorts.

Sea Recovery and Horizon Reverse Osmosis watermakers provide a range of watermaking capacities from 170 U.S. gallons (644 litres) to 44,000 U.S. gallons (166,558 litres) per day. Each watermaker is configured a little differently, so boaters can have optimal flexibility in selecting the system that best fits into their boat's available space.

Watermakers - Aqua Whisper Modular and Compact Watermakers - Seafari Contained and Modular

Marine Products

We also carry the following:

  • Cat Pumps industrial, reciprocating, high-pressure, triplex plunger pumps.

  • Atlantic Ultraviolet industrial ultraviolet water purifiers, uv air and surface sanitizers, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

  • Meckling, MHD industrial magnetohydrodynamic (magnetic scale control) products for water treatment and other fluid conditioning applications.

  • WaterSoft line of filter cartridges offers a broad range of cartridge styles and micron ratings for virtually all particulate filtration applications.

  • Gould Pumps quality pumping products.

  • Nalco Chemicals

  • Harmsco water filters, residential filtration solutions, industrial cartridges, cartridge housings, and whole-house filter solutions.